Why haven’t I heard about this before?2017-07-21T16:01:47+00:00

This advanced laser technology became available to the public in late 2008. Dr. Tina was one of the first to offer this laser technology in the Greater Chicagoland area. Dr. Tina continues to evaluate the procedure and different lasers.

What does the laser procedure cost?2019-03-14T20:24:26+00:00

In the Midwest, the laser procedure cost ranges from $900 to $1500. Dr. Tina treats both feet for $1150 or one foot for $700.

Does my insurance pay for this?2017-07-21T16:03:59+00:00

Your initial evaluation and follow-up visits are included in your laser treatment package. Because the laser procedure is considered aesthetic, health insurance plans do not cover the procedure. Dr. Tina’s office does not bill insurance. Dr. Tina’s office accepts credit cards, checks, and cash. You may also use your Medical IRA, Health Savings or Flexible Spending Account.

Do I need a referral to see Dr. Tina?2017-07-21T16:01:07+00:00

No, however your doctor, podiatrist, or dermatologist may refer you to Dr. Tina for advanced laser treatment and specialized care of fungal toenails.

What can I expect in the doctor’s office?2017-07-21T16:04:30+00:00

A consultation with Dr. Tina, the procedure to be performed by Dr. Tina, and scheduling future follow-up visits as prescribed by Dr. Tina.

Can the fungus return, or not go away?2017-07-21T16:05:06+00:00

The fungal infection is expected to improve with just one treatment. Dr. Tina’s clinical results have demonstrated effectiveness with approximately 95% of patients seeing significant improvement. As with all medical procedures, a 100% guarantee is not possible. In addition, since fungus is present everywhere in the environment, reinfection can occur. Dr. Tina will recommend preventative strategies to reduce the risk of reinfection.

Can I apply polish to the nails immediately after treatment?2017-08-02T19:27:06+00:00

Yes. You can apply polish to the nails immediately after the treatment. However, it is important to thoroughly remove all nail polish and nail decorations the day before your treatment. If you choose to polish your nails, Dr. Starkweather recommends using Dr.’s Remedy nail polish which prevents fungus and can be purchased in the office.

How long does the treatment take?2017-05-22T21:24:34+00:00

The amount of time varies on the degree of involvement of the nails. Very thick nails are filed without pain to a more normal thickness with specialized equipment. The laser light is then applied to the nails which typically takes 10 to 15 minutes. Overall a typical visit for consultation and treatment may take 30 to 40 minutes.

Is there a recovery period?2017-05-22T21:24:20+00:00

No. The treatment does not harm you in any way. You will be able to put on your shoes and walk out of the office, just as well as you walked in. If you have any problems or questions, contact the office immediately.

What have Dr. Tina’s laser results shown?2017-07-21T16:07:40+00:00

Dr. Tina achieves a 95% success rate for her patients with her experience, treatment protocol, technique, patient education, and comprehensive treatment plan. The effectiveness can vary depending on the severity of the infection.

Can the laser be used on children?2017-05-22T21:23:52+00:00

Yes, we routinely treat both children and adults. There is no age restriction.

Is this treatment safe?2017-05-22T21:23:37+00:00

Yes! In clinical studies there have been NO adverse reactions, injuries, disabilities or known side-effects associated with the laser treatment. Unlike oral medications on the market today for fungal toenails, there are NO risks to the liver or kidneys.

Does it really work?2017-07-21T16:08:26+00:00

Yes. After the treatment, the nail plate should grow out normally in 6-12 months if there is a healthy nail bed. With severe infections, 2-3 treatments will be necessary. Dr. Tina provides all of her patients with 3 treatments, all of which are included in the cost. Dr. Tina will determine if you need additional follow-up care. The results are better than the success rate for anti-fungal medications, which are taken for 3-4 months with potential risks and side effects.

Is the laser painful?2017-05-22T21:23:04+00:00

The laser produces a warm or heating sensation. Mild discomfort may be experienced during the treatment, however, NO anesthesia or injections are ever required. The laser does not harm healthy tissue.

How does the laser treatment work?2017-07-21T16:09:07+00:00

The laser kills fungus that lives in and under the toenail.  Dr. Tina uses a NdYAG laser which is one of the most advanced dermatologic lasers currently available.  Impulses of high power laser energy pass through the toenail without causing damage to the nail or the surrounding skin. he laser light passes through the toenail without causing damage to the nail or the surrounding skin. At the time of the procedure, the toenail will not become instantly clear, it takes time for the nail to grow out. Nails grow at an average rate of 0.1 mm/day (1cm every 100 days). Fingernails require 4-6 months to regrow completely. Toenails require approximately 12 months. Actual growth rate is dependent upon age, season, exercise level, and hereditary factors.

I have one infected toenail, why should I treat it?2017-07-21T16:09:28+00:00

Toenail fungus is highly contagious and eventually all the toenails will likely become infected. As the infection spreads to neighboring toenails it is increasingly difficult to treat the problem. Eventually that single infected toenail will likely turn into ten thickened discolored (dark or yellow) toenails. Dr. Tina will treat all the toenails on the affected foot, whether or not there are visible signs of the fungal infection in the other toenails.

Why do patients choose Dr. Tina for laser treatment for fungal toenails?2017-07-21T16:10:44+00:00

Dr. Tina offers advanced laser technology in the treatment of fungal toenails. Dr. Tina is an expert on the laser treatment of toenail fungus. Dr. Tina takes great pride in her work and has a very high attention to detail. She will take the time necessary to answer your questions and perform a detailed laser treatment. Dr. Tina will personally perform your laser treatment and will carefully monitor your progress with 2, 7 and 12 month follow-ups. Dr. Tina is friendly and accommodating and here to provide you with outstanding customer service. Dr. Tina is committed to providing thorough and comprehensive treatment for severe fungal toenails and foot related skin problems.


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